I have always loved creating all kinds of art, painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. To turn my passion into a career, I first earned my BFA in South Korea, and then received my Masters in Art Education from BU to help young artists develop their creative skills. My love for creating art and teaching young artists was a great combination of skill that allowed me to fulfill my dreams and have an impact on young minds. 

As I was training to be an art teacher, ceramics was one of the required courses. That’s how I experienced the magic of clay and glazes. I feel like it’s Christmas morning every time I open up the kiln! I am here taking a new journey where I can spread the happiness I feel whenever I pick up my ceramic creations.

My entire process is fueled by tender loving care and I feel pure joy every minute of it. I’d LOVE to share my one of a kind creations with you to put smile on someone’s face! Whether you are looking for something special for someone, or something special to treat yourself, these happy creations are ready to find a new home! Thank you for being part of my journey to spread love and happiness!